Makoto wants to study. Haru wants to be a lap dog.

This is my first real gif ever wth. Don’t even try to tell me this isn’t how Free! ended (because you will hurt my feelings and I will cry).

MakoHaru Fluffy Fic??

Ahh, yeah. So, like, I wrote my first fic … ever. And it’s based off of this AMAZINGLY CUTE FANART, LIKE HOLY SHIT WOW. So, yeah, please enjoy~

               Makoto was an entire head larger than Haru and the furthest thing from intimidating all at the same time. He was energetic, yet peaceful. Intelligent, yet unintelligent (the poor guy thought Pangaea was an existing continent, for crying out loud). He was the type of guy that was certain evil spirits lived in his new apartment, ever since moving to Tokyo, and could snivel about it in the most delicate voice … until, of course, the stairs started to creak again and he had to lunge his shrieking form behind Haru’s unwavering body. Occasionally, his fear of the supernatural would persuade the two to spend their evenings at the braver, albeit shorter, boy’s home. Whenever these measures were taken, Makoto would become a display of good manners; from hanging his own coat to insisting he prepare dinner for them both. Every time, without fail, mackerel was cooked because everyone knew how much Haru loved mackerel and, more than that, Makoto was entirely selfless. That, Haru came to realize, was his strongest trait.

               Cooking, not so much.

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Anonymous: Omg I love your drawings they're so adorable! Do you think you could draw me a Yumikuri? Or anything related to them? If so thank you ^~^

Oh no, this is the part where I reveal what a terrible person I am. TuT I was supposed to get some requests done (about 2 of them) like, MONTHS AGO. and at one point I was even like “yo dudebros, fo sho, i’m gonna get them done now” and I still procrastinated to the max and now I even have school to worry about sooooo…. Long story short! I will absolutely gladly draw you some yumikuris but I only ask that you please acknowledge my level of procrastination and don’t expect me to get them done too soon heheh ;u; (thank you so much for the compliment btw, ur a cute)

jaegerbombastik: This is a tumblr hug :) Pass it on to at least 10 of your favorite followers and remember don’t break the chain (★^O^★)

kkfjskfakhjf wuuh, who, me?? (╯ಊ╰) 

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I know I already made a post about this yesterday but I realized I should give the animators the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Trashiyama doesn’t have two left hands. Maybe this whole scene was just some weird, kinky fantasy of his that ended up getting censored out, ya feel? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Trashiyama confirmed for having two left hands.

(Here, have an updated version of this post.)

so seriously, who wants to draw me eren

(maybe i’ll sloppily sketch something back for you??!!! wink wonk)

wellthatisood: Wow I can't believe I didn't follow you already I'm ashamed I live your art btw

dw, all that matters is that you came around LOL (nah but seriously, thank you so much!! <33)

that feel when no potato.

damn, I finished this one in like a day… I’m evolving. ʘ‿ʘ